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September 29th, 2001

Unfortunately it has been decided to cancel this year's re-union. We are all sorry, and thank Sasha for all his preparatory work. Please spread this news. 
Good wishes & L'Chaim to all E&E

 September 6th, 2001

Email Circular  Here is some Whit-news  
All copies of "Jake's Legacy" have now been sold. If there is a demand more copies of the normal edition can be printed, SO if you want to order one or more please let me know. There is now a copy you can examine at the British Library in Euston Road

The web-site. This seems to grow by the hour. Louis is presently putting on it all issues of "The Whittingehamian" from its start in 1948 We are still hoping somebody can help with missing panoramic photographs i.e. 1958,59, &62 and Handcross 1962-5

Eddy Edelsburg wants me to ask you to take care re Amazon books, which seems to support intafada propaganda and finance !!

We hope to see lots of you at the Eilat banquet on Sat October 13th. Ask me for details !

PS I'm sorry I messed up the earlier message ! Thanks to those who pointed out my error ! Especially those who did not avail themselves of the chance to reprimand me for careless work Cheers L'Chaim etc etc Eldon

August 19th, 2001

We heard with great regret of the death in mid-August of Rafael Shammah (1949-55). At Whittingehame he had done everything - and all very well indeed: he played every game, took part in everything extra-curricular, especially Dramatics (his Spanish dancing with Sammy Mehditash in "Jew Suss" is particularly remembered as spectacular), was a very popular and successful Captain of Balfour House and Senior Prefect, and was an outstanding, successful and honourable member of the school community. For many years he had been suffering from specially painful arthritis, but this did not affect his spirit or wide intellectual interests; a few years ago Ella and I visited him in Lugano, and found that among his recent interests were the linguistic features of Welsh -of all languages ! He really was an astonishing and lovable man, and our sympathy goes out to his wife and family, including his Whitnik brothers Barouch and Joseph, and his many Whitnik cousins

July 24th, 2001

I am delighted to let you know that, despite all the difficulties, the Princess Hotel, Eilat will be able, after all, to welcome us for the Whittingehame Gala Dinner on October 13th 2001. The charges will be kept to those of October 2000 when, you will remember we had a wonderful time and a sumptuous banquet. Room rates are pegged at: Pool View $190 double per night, $173 Single; Mountain View $172 double, $155 single; Child sharing parents' room $30:Gala Dinner $60, child 2-12 $40

Here are the contact addresses: 

Tesdi Tours, 
Ziegelhuettenweg 43, 
Frankfurt, Germany 60598 
Tel 49 69 96364957 
Fax 49 69 96364955

Eilat Princess Hotel, Eilat, 
Israel Owner's office 
Tel 972 8 636 5572
Fax 972 8 637 4007 

As usual this will be a fabulous occasion, and Sasha, his family and staff look forward to seeing a happy and worthy crowd of Whitniks, who will also be demonstrating their solidarity with Israel at this time of crisis.  

Whitniks with email addresses will be receiving this information before all others. I'm sure they will pass on the message !!

Cheers L'Chaim 

June 22, 2001

Jack Lowenthal suggested we made an effort to get Edwinsfordians interested so that they can share some reminiscences. If the idea seems attractive will you please ring him at 0207221 2200 or me at fax 01267 234347 Eldon (Smith)

* * * * * * 


The CASSIT lunch on June 17th was a great success. Present were Corky Landau (42-46), Malcolm de Winter ( ne Furman, 46-8), Stanley and Robbie Cohen, Maurice Frances, Leslie Brown and Valerie, Michael Keidan, Edward Menashy, Eli Aghababa, Eric Shanes, Joe Brim, Richard Hartman and Michele, Mike Howard, Fule Attar, Gordon Bloom, Michael Arwas, Hoshael Levy, Danny Unger, Lance Charkham (49-53) My apologies to any whose names I have accidentally omitted Leslie Brown turned up with the small table bell used in the junior dining room before their move to Handcross Because it was reduntant at that time he took it for safe keeping ! He also pointed out that in earlier newsletters he had not been listed among the long-term denizens of Whittingehame (47-58). It was a very successful and happy occasion. Very many apologies and good-will messages were received -Whitniks had many family, holiday and business commitments which demanded their attention.. The most unusual reason for absence was Zev Solomon's - he was on the 6- or 7-hour Charity Cycle Ride from London to Brigton. He lives in Brighton, and he wasn't merely saving the fare, but raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

Malcolm deWinter produced his ultra-modern camera. in the final moments and a few snaps appeared on the web-site the following day. Because we shared our dining room we could not really discuss Club affairs, and so a business session will be convened at a later date

All copies of "Jake's Legacy" have been sold. If there is a demand, more copies of the normal edition can be printed. SO if you want to order one (or more) please email me as soon as possible


There will be an informal lunch meeting at the Cassis Restaurant 225 Golders Green Road on Sunday June 17th at 12.00 noon for 12.30 Tel 020 8445 8195. Bookings need to be made via Mike Howard ( 1 College Road, Wembley HA9 8RL; Tel 020 8904 7313, fax 029 8357 6250


The charge (20 per person) will include drinks and tips Family welcome, as usual

If you know of a non-email Whitnik please pass on this message .. Cheers Eldon

March 26, 2001

There is to be a LONDON LUNCH on SUNDAY JUNE 17th. Details from   
We will discuss LONDON RE-UNION 2002 Please send your ideas 
Cheers Eldon

January 2001

The price of the de luxe edition of "Jake's Progress" is actually 115 , and not 80 as incorrectly given in my last announcement Very few copies remain, and none will be reprinted, so immediate application should be made. My apologies to all.  Eldon

Wellfield House, Wellfield Rd., Carmarthen South Wales SA31 1DS
Tel/Fax 44 (0)1267 234347

Dear Whitnik,
Warmest Greetings and Best Wishes. And Mazeltov to those who are entitled, which must mean everybody on our lists. But especially to those who helped to get "JAKE'S LEGACY" into print. We hope that all who ordered copies have received them by now -- any Whitnik not in that happy band should let us know immediately.

All members of the book committee deserve our congratulations and thanks, but special mention needs to be made of Michael Howard, who was at the helm, Fule Attar for looking after finance and postal despatches, Stanley and Robert Cohen for warehousing and other help, Abraham Azagury for list-compilation and label production, Joe Brim for wonderful printing, binding etc., (in which he surpassed all our expectations) and above all Eric Shanes for finding out so much about the history of the wonderful institution to which we all belonged, and writing it up in such a comprehensive and interesting manner, and Joseph Safra for covering authorship costs. We are receiving compliments from all generations, together with further orders. Very few copies remain, and any Whitnik who missed his/her earlier chance should contact Fule Attar by fax at 44 (0)207 838 9648. Please give credit card number, expiry date etc to cover 50, and address for despatch There are a handful of the de luxe edition too -- they cost 80 each.

The Londoners are considering organising A DAY-OUT IN LONDON in the spring -down by coach, lunch together and a wander around. This will involve getting details of numbers, available/unavailable dates etc. If the proposal interests you please contact us. In fact, it needs to be emphasised that the LONDON GROUP CANNOT OPERATE WITHOUT FEEDBACK 

THE WEBSITE. Have you looked at the "" web-site recently ? It expands every day - how Louis manages it all I simply cannot understand. THIS WEB-SITE REALLY IS A MARVEL and if you haven't seen it you have no idea. There are over 800 pictures, more than 400 pages of script -all meticulously edited. Almost all panoramic pictures are now included -- if you have one of the missing ones please let us know. Louis tells me he hopes shortly to have sound - with a recording of Jake - recorded by Peter Kleiner, of course! Another proposal is to publish AN ALBUM OF "WHAT WE LOOK LIKE NOW".. So if you have a recent passport photo please send it in, and we will put it to good use. On the back please put name, d.o.b., years at Whitt (in case we mix you up !!) Joseph Safra has promised to finance the album.

UNFORTUNATELY we have to report some deaths. Anthony Flacks will be remembered by Edwinsfordians, as will Benji Feuchtwanger, whose obituary notice by his great friend Winston Senior accompanies this circular. Whitniks of the immediate post-45 period at Surrenden Road will remember David Spink-Cohen (brother of Peter) It was only after his widely-reported death in October 2000 that he was identified as the famous red-bearded guitar and violin maker David Rubio. His contemporaries can read about him on the internet - I did so via "Ask Jeeves" We have also lost Dino Barda 56-57 He came from Tripoli to study in the Sixth. We were also sad to hear of the death of Dubi Shiff's father, who was a fine support when the Club was being set up in the early 80s, making us very welcome , especially at the Diplomat Hotel in Jerusalem. We extend our sincere sympathy to all the families who have suffered these sad losses.

This is our first circular since THE LATEST EILAT RE-UNION in Octber 2000, which was a great and happy holiday. Unfortunately few Israeli Whitniks were able to attend because of the circumstances of the time, which necessitated their being nearer their homes and businesses - though Haron Zilkha managed it with his wife, two daughters, two sons-in-law and two grandchildren ! Sasha Tesler and his staff , as usual, spared no effort to provide all we wanted, and the Princess Hotel is becoming a second home to many Whitniks of all ages. Only last week one participant (there with three other members of his family) told me that his request to have a bath rail fitted was being attended to within an hour, despite the substantial work involved

LOST... Unfortunately every circular we send produces some "gone away" responses, some of which are very surprising. Can you please put us in touch with any of the following? 
Haberman,Hakimzadeh, Tillinger, Eric Grunberg, Seymour, Djanogly, Held, Pourat, Rozov

Here are some NEW ADDRESSES
Robert Cramer, (not published here), Jerusalem
Hoshael Levy, (not published here),London
Zev Solomon (not published here),
Sami Jacobovitz (not published here), S.Africa

Mordecai Israelachvili, (not published here), Rome email
Enid Huberman-Curtis: (not published here), Spain email
Neville Ziff, Spain email :

I am sure it would occupy another entire newsletter to report every item of NEWS which I have heard from various quarters, and which I unfortunately tend to forget in my old age (Don't laugh - it will come to you all in time, I'm sure)
Edwin Clein is Lord Mayor of Liverpool, famous as the home of the Beatles (and Martin Waxman Green !)
Jacob Klein was recently appointed Professor of Physical Chemistry and Head of the Physical Chemistry Department at Oxford, though he will continue his research at the Weizmann Institute. Jacob's Oxford post means that he and Jack Beatson, Professor of Law at Cambridge, who were both members of the last Whittingehame batch of A-level candidates, will be close neighbours again after nearly 35 years.
Joseph Rykwort (38-39) was recently highly praised for his "The Seduction of Place: the City in the Twenty first Century" It is said to be "essential reading for architects and budding architects".
Harry Woolf is now Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.
Ernest Sinyor is Chief Engineer (That isn't his formal title, though) of the enormous Three Gorges project in China.
Joseph Hassidoff is associated with the new King David Village project in Spain Whitnik visitors are quite regular - I can call to mind Edward Cohen (NY), Julius Maslovat (British Columbia), Eli Harari (Los Gatos California) who showed us a most remarkable mobile phone/cassette player/camera with which he is closely associated, and Fabio Kertzer (Sao Paulo), all of whom crossed the Atlantic to visit us.

It was inevitable from the beginning that some items would not be included in "JL" to the disappointment of some readers, and now and then newsletters may draw attention to a few of these items . This time -simply- the names of WHITNIKS WHO WERE IN RESIDENCE FOR TEN YEARS OR MORE : George Anticoni, Tony Bell, Jacob Chvili, John Coberman, Robert Cohen, Martin Glynne, Martin Waxman Green, Charles Joory, Ezra Shahrabani. Have I left anybody out?

CLUB FINANCES Some clubs and institutions boast that they have not raised membership charges. This Club has never charged, depending on the good-will of generous individuals. Many have not given the matter a thought. But the truth is we have to think of costs now and then -if it is only postage e.g. for the June news-letter, which was a light one, Fule re-imbursed me for stamps :295@ 19p, 72@36p. and 232@45p. Would anybody de willing to sponsor a newsletter? Or to finance an advert on WWW. ? We hope to think of a London REUNION 2002, but cannot do so without financial reserves. SO WHAT ABOUT IT?

All good wishes. We are thinking of you, especially those in Israel.



January 7th, 2001

The holidays are over, so I'll get back to more important and interesting activities. I hope you are all well. You will see from the fall ANNOUNCEMENT that there has been progress on the book front.


All orders for Eric's book have now been dispatched -not by airmail, which would have added 700 to the postage bill ! But even by snail mail copies should have arrived before the end of January, so if you haven't heard by then, please let us know. Everybody seems very pleased, for the book looks and reads well and the photographs are well selected and reproduced. The information gathered is quite remarkable, and there is a lot in the book I didn't know about ! The London team -Eric, Joe Brim (whose firm undertook the printing), Michael Howard, Fule Attar (Treasurer), Abraham Azagury, Stanley and Robbie Cohen and other associates, deserve universal congratulations and thanks.

There are fewer than 30 copies left, so anybody who wants a copy must step on the gas - it will be "First Come First Served". Credit card orders 50 by fax to Fule Attar at 44-0207 838 9648 giving card name and number, expiry date etc. .

Click on the book to view selected pages

THE FINAL PRINTED AND POSTED NEWSLETTER WILL BE SENT SHORTLY, and all announcements after that will be via this www address and e-mail. SO PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE



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