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November 14th, 2004

Dear Whitnik,
The first formal New York re-union dinner and dance was held at Le Marais, Times Square on October 17th and was a wonderful success, with over 50 people present, including Whitniks who left Whittingehame 40 years ago who were attending their first  function. Jack Abraham, Isaac Djemal,Anton Loew and Edgard Mann had really pulled out all the stops to locate and invite many who joined in the festivities  with enthusiasm.  The microphone was passed from table to table, and all had something (pleasant) to say about the “Good Old Days” In addition to the oranisers the following (in alphabetical order) contributed their memories: Jack Abraham(58-62). Parviz Alaghbandzadeh (52-55), George Barkhordarian (59-62), Isaac Ben -Yehudah ( 57-63),Bernard Biron (48-50),  Nisky Boury (61-64),Isaac Djemal (58-61), Raphael Djemal (59-63), Alex Ebrahimzadeh ( 59-65), Edward Ezer (50-57), Isaac Fuchs (63-65, Dan Gillerman, (Permanent Israeli Ambassador at the U.N.), (60-63), Michael Gillerman (58-62,  Zigi Gonczarowsky (60-64),Dennis Goodman ( ),Eli Harari (58-63),Sami Jolles   ( 58-61),John Khedoury (66-67 ), Sydney Khedoury (61-64),Solly Levy (59-63), Anton Loew(56-59),Louis Mandel  (59-66), Mino Naim (57-59), David Nemes (51-54), Eli Romano (60-65), Joseph Romano (60-64), Andrew Seidenfeld (60-64), Isaac Shamoon (51-55), Raimundo Shayo (52-57), Jack Shelemay (53-57),  Amos Yahil (57-59),Ronnie Yelloz (59-63)  Many wives and partners accompanied their Whitniks (and never seem to tire of reminiscences).  This was the first Whit-function Bernard Biron had ever attended or even heard of:  his firmest memories involved the cadet corps and its Whitehall parades.

Arrangements were made for those who found the date inconvenient to get together in smaller but equally happy groups. Others we saw (not always in groups) included  Edward Cohen (58-62), Shaul Gourji(49-52), William Kober (36-39), Michael Lewin (35-39),Edgard Mann (60-62), Leon Mason (54-57), Fuad Nathan (50-52), Edward Obadiah,(50-52), Jacques Safra (60-64), Paul Wynblatt (49-53).

Some of these had come substantial distances  - in addition to those from distant parts of the US and Canada there was representation from Poland, Argentina, Israel, and UK., and we got telephoned good wishes from several Whits   - in particular from the most distant Ernest Sinyor (56-62) in China.  There were many apologies for absence, including from Albert Cohen,  his two brothers and his nephew, who lost their father immediately before the re-union. Condolences were, naturally extended to the family, who were represented at Whittingehame almost continuously from 1953 until 1966.

Friendships were renewed after decades – some discovering the fact that long-lost  buddies were  near neighbours. Ronnie Yelloz met Andrew Seidenfeld, and Ronnie’s wife disclosed that Andrew, as a young hospital doctor had helped to save Ronnie’s life, (or, at the very least, his facial appearance), after a car crash thirty years ago  !

Pictures (both historical and contemporary) were transmitted to the web-site by Louis Mandel.  See for yourselves  on  You can see what a success  it was . 

Mazeltov to all involved, both hard-working organizers Anton, Edgard, Isaac and Jack, and participants, and thanks to everybody,  including Iraj Cohen who drove us from Brighton and back, but especially to Jacques Safra, who arranged and paid for our (very comfortable ) flight and hotel.

 You will remember that many thought the London re-union last June might be the last. But the New Yorkers have shown the way ahead, and many Whitniks are now  looking forward to Eilat in September 2005 and London again in 2006 !

Cheers   It’s a bit early ….  but All Possible Chanukah Greetings and All Possible Happiness   ! !   
Eldon & Ella

September 30th, 2004

Dear Whittingehamians!
Here's an update to the New York reunion.  As planned, Eldon and Ella will be arriving in New York on Oct 8th and will be staying at 330 East 56th Street, telephone 212 752 8888.  Some people have told us that they are unable to attend the reunion, yet  have expressed their desire to take advantage of Ella and Eldon's visit to New York  and organize a gathering prior to the main event.  Consequently, Ella and Eldon's will be holding a small gathering on October 10th at their  hotel followed by a dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Details have yet to be finalized, but if you wish to attend, please contact Anton Loew (see below)

The Main Event, New York Reunion Sunday October 17th, 2004 at Le Marais
Plans have now been finalized and we have booked Le Marais, one of the finest Kosher restaurants in New York city.  Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at 5 PM followed by dinner and dance at 7 PM (60's music).  Cost: $125 per person .  We are expecting 60 people from all across the USA as well as BOYS from Brazil, England, Canada.  Click here for location and menu details

If you haven't done so already, please make your reservation as soon as possible and mail us a cheque for US $125  per person to cover the cost. We encourage all Whitts to bring their wives/sweethearts and escorts for an evening of fun and getting together.  We are extending our DEADLINE to OCTOBER 7TH, but please don't delay as we have to commit our final numbers to the restaurant.


You can reach Anton Loew (Tony Lev) at:
Office: 212-905-7804; 
Home: 212-722-6435; 

send cheques to:
Anton Loew
1601 Third Ave., (Apt. 15F)
New York, NY 10128

Looking forward to seeing you all. 

August  17th, 2004

Dear Whittingehamians!
We are planning a mini reunion in New York to have the opportunity to meet Eldon and Ella and other Whitts.
Eldon/Ella are arriving NY on Friday Oct 8 till the following Wednesday. The activities we are planning will include a dinner and dance with music of the fifties and sixties.

The Whittingehamian dinner and party is arranged for Sunday October 17, 2004.

Please make your reservation as soon as possible and mails us a US $125 check per person to cover the cost and make the reservation. We encourage all Whitts to bring their wives/sweethearts for an evening of fun and getting together.


Location: We are reviewing two potential locations: (kosher food)
1. New York City Time Square, or
2. Great Neck, New York City suburb, easily accessible by car or train from Manhattan (approx. 35 minutes by car or train)  Facility: Depending on the number of attendees; the venue would be either an entertainment hall or Itzhak Djemal’s home, both with kosher menus.  We project the cost to run up to $125 per person.

Please reply as soon as possible.
A) If you can attend please send: Name, address, phone and e-mail.
B) How many places you want to reserve.
C) Please send a check for $125 per person. Please mail the check to Anton Loew, 1601 Third Ave (15F), New York, NY 10128.  The check should be made out to Anton Loew.
D) As soon as we have the list of the number of people planning to attend we shall finalize the place for the dinner.
E) Volunteers required to assist in the ORGANIZATION of the event.
F) In addition to the dinner if you have any other ideas, please let us know.
G) Call all the Whittingehamians you know to join us.

Please let us know if you need hotel arrangements. If we can put together a sufficient number, we will get a group discount rate for your stay in New York.

If you want to reach Anton Loew (Tony Lev) the phone numbers are:
Office: 212-905-7804;  Home: 212-722-6435;  Email:

Looking forward to seeing you.
Best Regards

Anton Loew, Itzhak Djemal, Edgar Mann

August  1st, 2004

8 Furnace Rd., Carmarthen SA 31  1DS     August 1st 2004-07-31

Tel 01267234347     Mobile 07785991371

Dear Whittingehamian,
Some Whitniks were convinced it was the greatest re-union of them all.  Certainly it wasn’t to be the last  - and we’re already preparing for Eilat in October 2005 and London in June 2006.  But I suppose I had better start by listing as many as possible of those who enjoyed the arrangements by Mike Howard and his small band of helpers.  They are not listed in any particular order of merit or seniority, but more or less alphabetically:

Emile Abdulezer 50-57, Carlo Adler 58-64,   Ivi Adler 62-67, Amos Afroyim 58-64,   Mike Alfasi 60-64, Jacob Asnin 57-60,  Dibo Attar 54-59,   Avram Azagury 56-60 ,      David Azagury 56-64 , Guilbert Benzakein 60-64, Gordon Bloom 61-67,  Nisky Boury 61-64, Joe Brim 63-67,  Leslie Brown 47-58, Irving Carter 55-60, Freddy Chaoul 54-56 , Edwin Clein 42-50 ,  Charles Cohen 61-67, John Coberman 47-58, Edward S. Cohen 49-56, Iraj Cohen 59-62, Robert Cohen 53-64,    Stanley Cohen 53-62 , Mervyn Cole 58-65, Ron Dee 60-65,  Albert El-Eini 62-5, Marc El-Eini 61-64, Mourad El-Eini 61-64,  Edward Ezer 50-57, Gerald Fine 31-34 ,  Jacob Finkelstein 64-67, JeffreyFreeman 48-55 , Jacob Fuchs 57-62,  Stephen Gale 64-67, Zorach Gehl 59-64,  Leo Gitbud 59-63,  Anthony Glynne 52-59 , Martin Glynne 46-57,  Barrie Goldstein 58-65 ,  Dennis Goodman 36-39 ,    William Halon 57-60 ,   Gideon Hamburger 59-61, Danny Hassidoff 53-56,  Joseph  Hassidoff 56-64,  , Ezra Homsany 61-64, Erwin Honigstein 62-64, Mike  Howard 53-59 , Jacob Israelachvili 52-62, Mordecai Israelachvili 49-53, Sami Jacobovitz 57-62, Barry Jacobs 51-58,  Ali Jamil 57-61,   Michael Keidan 55-59, Haim Klein 62-65, Jacob Klein 60-66, Chaim Labenski 63-66,  Colin Lee 47-55, Hoshael Levy 56-59 , Ehsan Manavi 62-64   Louis Mandel 59-66,  Basil  Mann 50-55 , Paul Marks 61-65, Jack Melroy 51-58,  Edward Menashy 55-60 , Jacob Menashy 51-55,   Soli Missri 51-61 ,   Isaac  Mizrachi 56-59 ,  Aron Moss 54-67,  Daniel Nemeny 58-62, Amnon Paldi 60-63. Joseph Pinto 62-65, Danny Rubins 43-48,   Jacques Safra 60-64, 

Paul Samson 61-66, Farouk D.Shamash 49-54, Eric Shanes 56-61,  Raimundo Shayo 52-57,  Dubi  Shiff  59-65 , Edward Shirazi 60-64, David Singerman 52-62,  Jacob Skopicki 60-65 , Reuben Slonim 58-61 , Zev Solomon 57-61, Axel Stawsky 61-67,  Ronald Stern 34-40, Yacha Sutton 59-62,  Alan Task 56-60, Sasha Tesler 63-67, Danny Unger 64-67, Zvi Vromen 54-57, Sam Wine 31-37, Shlomo Wolf 63-67, Andrew Wyman 60-66,  Jamshid Zadeh 51-57, Eli Zubaida 60-64, Haim Zukerman 61-66.  (It will be extra-ordinary if there aren’t any errors or omissions.  My apologies)

The only members of staff present were Peter & Eileen Copson,  Simon & Kirsten Hatchwell,  MaryHowell, and Eldon & Ella Smith. 

Identification was made easy by the availability of name tabs prepared by Abraham Azagury, PL see imp postscript re NEW York at the end.  A good number of Whitniks sent good-will messages and/or apologised for absence I am sure when they read about what they missed they will be doubly sorry   Next time!  !Please see postscript re New York at the end.

 Michael Keidan acted as M.C., and short speeches were delivered by Edward Cohen, Stanley Cohen, Ron Dee,  Gerald Fine, Simon Hatchwell,  Michael Howard,  Ali Jamil, Basil Mann, Jack Melroy , Isaac Mizrachi, Eric Shanes and Dubi Shiff. Everybody (including the large number of family members who accompanied Whitniks) was delighted with the occasion, and it was decided to aim for further re-unions at the Princess Hotel, Eilat in October 2005 and in London in June 2006.  It was also agreed to start an educational charitable  fund to perpetuate the Whittingehame name, with Edward S Cohen and Jack Melroy at the helm.

Louis Mandel, helped by Andrew Wyman was busy dealing with the many photographs brought along, which will shortly be on our fantastic web-site.  Will any Whitnik who took photographs at the re-union please send them to Louis?

Mike Howard, whose arrangements for the day were widely praised, had prepared a wonderful photographic display; he had also organised a coach trip  and lunch at Brighton, as well as suppers, all of which were successful, though  the Club lost money on the coach hire.

: Several New Yorkers unavoidably missed the June occasion, and intend organising their own reunion there in mid-October –probably Oct 10th --that is, in about 6 weeks! !  Anybody interested in learning the details should contact: Edgar Mann at  or Isaac Djemal at AND EASE THEIR TASK BY RESERVING  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Ella and I will be lucky enough to be there, so we look forward to meeting young friends we haven’t seen for some years      SEE YOU! !

Well, that’s quite an interesting communication, I think.  Look after yourselves and each other.  Ella and I were married 59 years ago to last Sunday.
Fondest regards


May 14th, 2004

FIRST OF ALL.  THE LONG-AWAITED REUNION will take place at Le Meridien Hotel, 21 Piccadilly  on Sunday June 27th.  We can assemble for coffee at the Oak Room Lounge from 10a.m, enjoy lunch at the Oak Room Dining Room at 1.00 p.m., and loiter, arrange outings perhaps, and reminisce until  6.00  p.m   The charge will be 50 per person for the fish menu; drinks may be purchased at the bar. Lunch reservations must be made before June 10th.  Rooms will be available at the hotel via email  (Quote Whittingehame) at Sat 215 per room (inc breakfast and tax), Sun 150, Mon 229.. Rooms are available at the Thistle Hotel, Piccadilly on Fri/Sat/Sun at 66 per room including tax and breakfast, on Monday at 115 (room only basis) Contact urgently Gemma  Mock on 207 604 2723 or email Any Whitniks who would like a Saturday night dinner or Monday excursion to Brighton should let Mike know in plenty of time—email  tel 0208 904 7313, mobile 07870 167406.  And consult the  or me

Thistle Hotel Piccadilly Fri/Sat/sun 66 per room inc breakfast and tax Monday 115 per room; room only basis Contact Gemma Mock Tel 207 604 2723

May 3rd, 2004

E-mail        April 2004.

Dear Whitniks all over the world,

FIRST OF ALL, THE LONG-AWAITED REUNION (perhaps our MOST GLORIOUS and LAST!) will take place at Le Meridien Hotel, 21 Piccadilly on Sunday June 27th.  We can assemble for coffee at the Oak Room Lounge from 10a.m, enjoy lunch at the Oak Room Dining Room at 1.00 p.m., and loiter, arrange outings perhaps, and reminisce until 6.00 p.m.  The charge will be 50 per person for the fish menu; drinks may be purchased at the bar.   Rooms will be available at the hotel at a reduced rate of 150 per room (including VAT and breakfast) for Sunday night, 215 per room for other nights.   Any Whitniks who would like a Friday night dinner or Saturday excursion to Brighton should let Mike Howard know in plenty of time; (Tel 0207 904 7313, e-mail  mobile 07870 167 406).  We are still hoping to find less expensive accommodation in the same area, and will e-mail details as available.    

Some of you must be have been wondering what has gone wrong with us.  A good proportion  (in fact many) of you have kept up with us technologically, and so have received email messages, but those still dependent on snail-mail are unaware that there has been plenty happening.  Some of the news has been very positive; for example there are now Whitniks who have great-grandchildren, so I have begun making lists in case we actually do manage to resuscitate the alma mater Whittingehame . And lots of Whitniks are now octogenarians, so there will have to be something for them  and others who hope to come to our London re-union in June.

We had a delightful, but small, re-union in Eilat in October 2002, when Sasha Tesler provided us with all we could wish for at the Princess Hotel –as usual! The next Eilat get-together (ask for details) will be in October 2005.

So you see –plenty has been happening.  Some of this has been reported on, which you must consult.  Louis Mandel has done a wonderful job, and if you are not acquainted with the web-site you really must turn to it.  We are all greatly indebted to Louis (and his son Jeremy). Please send to him any photographs you may still have   - but consult his picture galleries first. There are now well over 1000 photographs, over 300 magazine pages, about 6 hours of audio tapes and video clips, as well as an email directory of more than 200 Whitniks, on the web-site. BRING PHOTOS TO THE REUNION -THEY CAN BE DEALT WITH ON THE SPOT When you move house or spring-clean, please do not destroy any Whittingehame material, but let us know, for at Southampton University there is a special archive of Jewish educational material.

Old Father Time has been nasty to us all and we have lost many friends, including members of staff.  These include John and Ruth Murry, Barry Roach, Huw Williams (Chemistry), Eli Mukammal (maths.), Gordon Hughes, Miss Needham (matron), and Miss Norah Cooper (office). We have lost far too many former pupils, including Neville Labovitch: (the “Independent” reported that the Queen depended on him to stage-manage the events of her silver jubilee year!), Leo Golomb, Ben Sunlight, Moshe Shelemay and Lawrence Grant (the “Guardian” obituary reported that his funeral service ended with a medley of Leeds United football songs!). There are details on the web-site. We send sympathy to all.

That must be all for now.   All Good Wishes. Please keep in touch.    Eldon (& Ella)

March 29th, 2004

The Whittingehame Club is pleased to announce that the next reunion will be held on Sunday June 27th at Le Meridien Hotel, 21 Piccadilly.  We meet for coffee, lunch at 12.30 for 1.00pm, then hang around until after tea. The charge will be 50 per person.

Payments to be made to Barclays Bank Sort Code 20 36 16 Customer no 00277398

As we have to pay a substantial deposit, matters will be eased considerably if cheques made out to The Whittingehame Club) were sent in advance ( if possible) to Michael Howard, 1 College Rd., Wembley, M'sex HA9 8RL. Please let us know your intentions ASAP.  We look forward. My mobile phone number is 07785991371.
Cheers Eldon


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