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21st April, 2013

2013 REUNION - Final Reminder

 The date is  the weekend of June 15th, 2013

The hotel - Brighton Hilton Metropole

All the official events will take place at the Metropole.

 The Saturday afternoon lecture will be by
Prof. Jacob  Klein  1960-1965

The  Sunday meeting and lunch will be at the Metropole banquet hall. The hotel underwent extensive renovations during the past 2 years and we were promised that all whits will get the renovated rooms.

Please find attached the accommodation link for booking rooms.

Eddy Edelsburg

As some of the Witt's do not inform us about changes in their E-mail Address, please let all your whitt's friends know about the reunion, they might be among those who's E-mail is not known to us.



3rd April, 2013

Dear Whitniks
I am sorry to announce more bad news with the passing of Yosi Hassidof. I thought it fitting to pass on some tributes from his classmates and friends.  Louis Mandel

So sorry to have heard of the passing away of Yossi. Nice friendly guy. Will always remember his smiling face.
Micky Gilerman

Having lived in lodgings in Brighton with Yossi for a whole year, I will
always remember him with fond memories.
Let us all live in health and happiness and hear better news.
Aaron Lichtschein

Indeed very sad a young man. Yossi "Blue house" was a great football player!! Nice guy plenty of energy.  We will miss him
David A


Sorry to hear that!  I remember Yossi fondly.   He was a fun guy back at Whit...
May he rest in the Lord's peace and I wish you all a long and healthy life..
Isaac & Irene Schalom
He left us all with fond memories.
Danny U


19th February, 2013

Dear Whitniks
I am sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but Michael Kaidan passed away yesterday age 71.  He had a heart attack during a heart operation at the Wellington Hospital in North West London. He has also been fighting a very aggressive form of cancer.

Michael was the treasurer of the whittingeham Club in the UK a duty which he executed with great diligence and enthusiasm. As a member of the committee he was instrumental in helping to organise all the reunions in England.

He will be sorely missed by his wife Elizabeth, his two boys and their families and the Whittingeham community.  Warm regards

Ron Dee (Dwelaitzky)

Dear Whitt

I am sure you will be upset to hear of the death of Michael Keidan (55-59) after a relatively short illnes. He and Michael Howard organised the first Whitt re-unions in Brighton, and he was always our first-rate MC.

We will miss him enormously. He died far too early at the age of 71, and I am not at all sure how we will manage without him

L'Chaim to you and yours



8th February, 2013

Edgard Mann RIP

As some of you already know, our dear friend and fellow Whittingehamian, Edgard Man, has passed away in his sleep during the night of Tuesday/Wednesday, February 5/6. The funeral took place yesterday (Thursday) in Florida and Whittingehame was represented by Micky Gillerman, Danny Gladstone-Barzeli, Aaron Lichtstein and Dubi Shiff's two sons, Danny & Zvi. I am told two independent and releasable sources that Micky gave a beautiful and heartwarming eulogy at the graveside on behalf of himself and the school. 

I talked to Lupe after the funeral and, given the devastating circumstances, she seemed to be coping and was grateful for the immediate Whittingehamian support led by Micky. Lupe tells me that, when she discovered what had happened, Edgard "still looked pink had a smile on his face."  Of course, none of us would have been surprised that Edgard would depart this world with a smile -- come to think of it, I don't ever remember Edgard without a smile on his face.  At a minimum, a mischievous smirk that preceded a joke or a zinger of some kind.  Never the one to ever complain or have a bad word to say about anyone, or anything.  He was unique.  After all, who else walked the corridors of Whittingehame College singing "you are density, my specific gravity" to the tune of Paul Anka's "You Are My Destiny."  No one else I know would have dared to expropriate the lobby of the George V Hotel in Paris as his private office and 'take' meetings there, always impeccably dressed. That was Edgard, the one and only.

Lupe agreed that when she feels strong enough and is able to visit New York, we'll have a memorial Whittingehamian get together to celebrate Edgard's life.  I will keep you posted.

Nissan Boury 

thank you for sharing the sad news...I had no idea, like most of us, and as Danny Gillerman already wrote, you expressed it all so eloquently with sincere feelings.
it was good that a number of Whittingehamians were there attending; after all, it was an important part, short for some, but nevertheless an important part  of our formative years.
I also send Lupe my heartfelt condolences and sincere wishes that the fond memories and Edgar's smile will give her strength.
Amos Schueller ( Afroyim)

Thanks a lot for advising us on the sudden death of Edgar,In fact I heard about it today at lunch with friends of Shlomo Tissona who spent time with the Mann's on a Gullet in Turkey a few years ago.

I met Edgar only in Whittingehame functions as I think he was far younger than I and must have joined after I left.I remember him like a lovely person and very enthusiastic on all potential Whittingehame activities both in the UK ,Isreal and of course the US .

Ehi Zichro Baruch


Very sad news, but thanks for sharing this so emotionally and eloquently with all of us.
I'm very proud of Micky and am happy he was there to represent us all.

Janice and I will always remember Edgar's smile and miss him very much.

We send Lupe our heartfelt condolences and sincere wishes that her wonderful character, fond memories and Edgar's smile will give her strength.
All our Love,

Janice and Danny Gillerman

Dear all,

Sad news indeed.

 Rosemary and I share the sincerest heartfelt condolences to Lupe.
I enclose a short clip of “happy Edgar” from way back then.
Look after yourselves,
Rosemary & Ilan Reisner

Thank so much for your touching and informative email. Both Leah and me are so shocked I don't know what to say. We loved him and will miss him on our visits to Miami and Tel Aviv or London. Edgard Lupe and I travelled on the same train to Brighton last re-union, he will be greatly missed this time around. Hope all is well with you, we must meet again somewhere. Take care my friend.
Best regards
Miki & Leah Munzer
Your friends from Down-under


Thanks for the overwhelming worldwide response. It goes to show how much we all loved Edgard and how much he will be missed by all of us.
In case you missed it, our own Steven Spielberg (AKA Ilan Reisner) sent us a brief video clip (see above) showing Edgard and Budah debating world affairs. Unfortunately, the sound is lost, but lip-reader as I am, let me give you the gist of the conversation. Budah is saying that Harold Wilson's austerity measures are what Britain needs today and Edgard retorts (after a couple of 'expletive deleted') that only the Tories will put the country back on its feet.
The always publicity-seeking, Joe Romano, decides that it is the appropriate time to walk in fornt of the camera and get his face in the picture. This was edited out in the final cut.
And finally, a group of Edgard supporters (Atabaki on the left, an unidentified in the center and Belord on the right) are cheering him on and shouting "Edgard for PM." They are led by their cheerleader, Shimmy (AKA Meir Shimon, or Shimmy = She and ME). After careful examination of Shimmy's lip-movement, it seems that he isn't cheering Edgard at all, but singing "l'amour toujours, tonight for sure." 


Dear Edgard was a very, very special friend. He always remembered to call, especially on the holidays. He would travel to NY & Israel to attend friends' childrens' weddings and meet the BOYS. (or Whitts) 
So in one of those weddings, we went with Edgard and Lupe too, and we got to the wedding ceremony especially early, in time to meet the guests, only to discover that we did not know anyone in the wedding ceremony, not even the bride and groom. We checked the invitation, yes, it was the correct  address. To our surprise, the wedding we were attending was scheduled to be the next in line. You can imagine how Edgard made us laugh.
At another event, which happened many many years ago, the Boys met in China Town, NY. We sat in the center of  the restaurant and had a bombastic time laughing, spurred on by Edgard's sense of humor. So much so that slowly but surely all the other diners started to depart, because we were laughing so uncontrollably. By the time we were kicked out of the restaurant, all the other customers had fled the scene.
I also spent some time in Venezuela visiting Edgard and Lupe. They were the most hospitable, lovely friends. One of  Edgard's favorite pastimes was to play jokes on Lupe's dog. The other beautiful quality defining Edgard was he was a Bon Vivant. He made an art of enjoying life and sharing his joy with his friends. In effect, he felt the BOYS to be more family than friends. When I visited Edgard and Lupe in Miami at their beautiful home in Coconut Grove, Edgard loved to have everything perfectly arranged and made sure that I was treated like royalty.  
Even now I can hear his voice full of fun and jokes. A minute with Edgard on the phone or in person brought laughter and joy. Some times we would laugh for ten minutes at the time. One of the last conversations I had with Edgard was in January after I sent him a funny story. Edgard said " I laughed for two hours." So Edgard, I am glad I could make you laugh one last time, for all those many times you lifted my mood. 
We are missing you terribly much.
Tony and Sharon



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