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Various matters led to my neglecting my computer for many many weeks, I am afraid. Jacob Skopicki very kindly sent me equipment for up-grading what he had supplied a few years ago, and the result is that I can now send and receive e-mail, and also explore, very tentatively, the Internet, using one finger at a time. Louis Mandel's masterpiece, at , can occupy me for hours, as I am sure many of you have discovered for yourselves. He seems to add to it every day, because so many contribute treasured photographs. Julius Maslovat recently transferred the 1957 and 1960 panoramics . There are only a few faces to which I cannot put names, I am proud to say. And I don't grimace at any !!

"Jacob's Legacy" the history of our school by Eric Shanes, is now being printed, and copies will be despatched in the near future. It really represents a remarkable achievement on the part of Eric, whose work will be avidly read by you all. Those who have still neglected to order should contact Fule Attar at 44 (0)20 7823 2235 (Fax 9648) Cheques for 35 should be made out to Whittingehame College Book Account. Eric, by the way, is busy preparing the catalogue for an international exhibition of works by Turner at the Royal Academy in the autumn - I'm sure he'll give you special attention if you want to avoid the queues

You will remember my reporting several times on the very poor health of Ramon Glass ( 1961-67) in Brighton. I am sorry to have to report that he died a few weeks ago.

I am sure we all wish to extend our sympathy to Joseph Safra on the sudden and tragic death of his brother Edmund, whose contact with Whittingehame began when Joseph joined us in 1952 and continued until Jacques left in 1964. Our sympathy goes out to all members of the family.



Once again everybody agreed that we had a wonderful time, and it was great to hear Sasha Tesler invite us to come again in 2000 ! Over a hundred guests attended the gala dinner, and enjoyed a banquet which even surpassed that of 1998. In attendance were Whitniks from every single decade, and those from the 30s were as spruce as the youngsters of 1967 vintage. It really was a delight to see everybody in such good form - even those who were with us for the very first time. The entertainment included a good number of party-style dances, (Israeli and European) and I found myself being propelled around the tables in a conga-type hectic shuffle which I last indulged in twenty years earlier. As always there was great fun at the pool and in the sea, for the Princess can provide such a variety of activities that the oldest of crocks (I mean Ella and myself, of course) were totally exhausted by bed-time, though we were always around for late breakfasts in the company of delightful Whitniks and families. Those of you who have not yet experienced the multifarious pleasures of a residential Whittingehame re-union must really reserve the time to be at Eilat next October. ARRIVIDERLA

A plea from Fule Attar, our treasurer:
Will whoever paid money into Barclays Swiss Cottage on 23 4 99 please identify himself to Fule?

Ella and I hope to meet several of our South American Whitniks shortly, as we are off to Brazil on February 8th. I am especially hoping to meet Richard ("Divvy") Davidson (1938-43) whom I've not seen since he left. He was in Form 5 when I started my Whit


Carmarthen August 1999

Dear Whitnik,

This is (almost certainly) the last circular of the Second Millennium, so be sure to keep it safely as in a thousand years it may (MAY) become quite valuable.


"JAKE'S LEGACY" This is your last chance to order a subscription copy (100) or a pre-publication-priced normal edition (35) Please make out cheques to The Whittingehame Club Book Account and send to RAPHAEL ATTAR AT 15 HERBERT CRESCENT, KNIGHTSBRIDGE LONDON SW1X 0HB. John Murry, Barry Roach, several Whitniks and I have all read the draft and are terribly impressed. By the time 100 illustrations and a few appendices are added it will certainly be a splendid venture. If you want Eric to use the picture of you being awarded the Victor Ludorum Prize, or winning a particular race, please let somebody know !! Seriously, though, Eric has done a wonderful job, and if you have an interesting reminiscence please let him have it for the last chapter -- THIS IS ANOTHER LAST CHANCE. REMEMBER - THE NAMES OF subscribers will be listed in this wonderful publication, which will be sent out by the printers early in the new year.


Time has flown by since the Whittingehame Club was inaugurated with a sumptuous banquet at the Diplomat Hotel, Jerusalem, in September 1979 ---twenty years ago !! Dubi Shiff was our host on that lavish occasion, helped (if my failing memory is right) by Henry Gehl, Shlomo Tessone, Ziggy Gonczarowsky, Eddy Edelsburg,, Nissky Boury and other brilliant pioneers. Here we are, two decades older and wiser, getting ready for the next twenty years by enjoying another great occasion at Eilat, hosted in his usual splendid fashion by Sasha Tesler and his superb Princess Hotel staff. PLEASE RESERVE your places immediately, for the hotel needs to know !! Communicate with either (1) Tesdi Tours Touristik Ziegelhuttenweg 43, 60598 Frankfurt, Germany, Tel 4969 9636 4957, Fax 4969 9636 4922 or (2) Eilat Princess Hotel, POB 2323 Eilat 8800 Israel Tel 9727 636 5572 Fax 9727 636 5570 You may remember the special discount price for a double room is US$ 162-180 per night.
The GALA DINNER will be held on Saturday October 9th (US$ 55 per adult, US$35 per child)
Those who were at the last Princess Gala will know that a real Whittingehame occasion awaits us, but others who have already booked, like Maurice Frances (attending his first Whitt function since he left in 1953) are going to experience an eye-opener. Also on the list is David Green (1961-65) who has made an astonishing recovery from a complicated quadruple-by-pass heart operation under the world-famous surgeon Professor Yacoubi . And Dubi Shiff. our host of twenty years ago and many of his helpers of those days will be with us. And Barry Roach, recruiting actors ! (Doctor permitting) SO DON'T PUT IT OFF ANY LONGER - you are already in trouble for being late. BOOK NOW Eric Shanes will be there with his tape--recorder for reminiscences, and Whitniks of all generations from the 30s to the 60s, and friends, coming from Austria, Argentina, Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany and the USA, and of course Israel and the UK , have already booked. DO NOT DELAY.

FLIGHT DETAILS UK Whitniks will be interested to know that Longwood Travel, Woodford Green IG6 8HD (Tel 0181 551 4494 -contact David) have a flight leaving Heathrow on Thursday October 7th, and returning from Eilat on October 11th or October 14th. Flights depart from Heathrow at 08.25 (arr. 14.30), and from Ovda at 17.30 (arr. Heathrow at 22.00) . The normal price of the flight is 279 per person, but re-union participants will be charged 249 inclusive of Airport Charges and Passenger Taxes (approx 33 p.p.) The price of 249 does not include transfer to the Princess Hotel (10) or insurance.

THE DATA-BASE. Our next Directory will certainly be on a web-site, so if you have any doubts about it, please let me know. The idea was mooted some time ago, but so far only two Whitniks have let me know that they want restricted entries You are NOT one of these So please be in touch one way or the other.

THE WEB-SITE. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS WILL SHORTLY CHANGE TO Louis Mandel's web-site is well established and popular at , and everybody marvels at its professional standard. SEE FOR YOURSELF. Once you have done so you will realise that www is the way for Whitt-life to go on. There are already about 500 pictures and very much good-quality written (if that is the word) information. Everybody acquainted with the process appreciates that scanning is not the major problem, but administering, identification and editing. For the time being Louis has provided all the labour and finance at his end, but clearly we can't continue indefinitely in this way, and various suggestions have been made. One proposal is the opening of a "Sponsors' Page" restricted to Whittingehamians &/or their businesses, containing small banners, each costing $50 or $100. The banners could be business cards or logos, messages or similar material. There would surely be enough of these to establish a basis for continuity. I think there is no reason why we should not start this straight away, even if some other long-term plan is decided on. SO PLEASE RESPOND STRAIGHT AWAY IF YOU AGREE You will find Louis' address in the Directory, and his e-mail address is If you have appropriate material you will probably need to consult his FAQ section on the web-site for advice on the best way to send it.

THE MYSTERY . It bas been solved. Joseph Pinto owned up ! Joseph has resesevsd for Eilat, but unfortunately I have not been able to contact him (or any others of our Turkish Whitniks) since the August 17th earthquake. PS I got a fax through to him 21/8/99, but have not yet received a reply

IMPORTANT OFFICIALS Those of you who listened (more or less surreptitiouly at times) to Thursday Night "Top of the Pops" radio programmes in the 50s and 60s will be delighted to know that Eddie Clein (1942-50) will be Lord Mayor of Liverpool in Millennium Year. That means that Whitniks who are still Beatles fans will be able to visit their city without fear of being put on detention. Additionally, it is important to know that Lawrence Grant ( 56-60) has been made a judge !

A few months ago Isaac Mizrachi attended a prestigious conference and festive dinner at the Sheraton Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem,in honour of the World President of FIABCI, who made the keynote address . He is Anthony Grant , Isaac's Whitnik contemporary.

PROPOSALS (1) Ronnie Levene (55-61) wants WHIT-GOLF. (2) Mo Nathan (43-51) will spend the winter preparing his catamaran for crossing the Atlantic in 2000. See Directory.


Raffi BEN YEHUDA (67) (Carpets) Fax (02) 42 36 976
Alan TERRET (64-66)
W.WISZNIA (38-40) (found via www) Architect Fax (01) 512 884 9462 (Also in New Orleans and Santa Fe)

Michael ARWAS Fax 44 020 8 203341 Bus Tel & Fax 020 7 435 0505 email N.B. Michael is drawing our attention to the fact that UK numbers are due for many changes in a few months -More information shortly
Adi BRECHER private address now :
Robert COHEN : Private address
Malcolm DE WINTER (Furman) Fax 44 (0)1709 893626
Ralph GOLDBLATT Fax 1 941 383 0198 e-mail
Mrs Ruth GRUNWALD (nee Halevy)
David MILLER 44 (0)181 621 4953 Fax
Sol MISSRI Office 972 09 835 5766 Fax 972 09 835 5701 Name of Business: MGA Trading
Sydney KHEDOURI new email

Baws, S.Bercott H.Klein (London), Dorotinski, Chappell, Charles Waller, David Kesherim . Can you help to locate them, please?

All good wishes
I hope we'll meet again very soon !!

* * * * * * * * * * *
Please note:
For reasons of privacy, home telephone numbers and addresses have been omitted from this web page.
Louis Mandel
* * * * * * * * * * * *



April 1999

Dear Whitnik,
I am very sorry to have to report the death in December 1998 of Gerald Canton (1952-58) after a long and heroic struggle against cancer. He had agreed to new experimental treatment which involved more suffering than he might otherwise have had to endure, but to no avail,. In recent years all sorts of personal misfortunes had dogged him, but he remained incredibly cheerful and loyal; he had hoped to join us at the 1998 re-union, but at the last minute could not face the journey. We had spoken on the phone shortly before he died, when he told me he was arranging for us to have his treasured first panoramic pictures, but he lived alone, and I fear they are now lost.


Eric Shanes has advanced to the final draft of ".Jake's Progress", and those of us who have read the earlier drafts are delighted - it will be both interesting and worthy. It is thought the MSS will be ready for despatch to the printer in the early summer. A picture-selection meeting decided on the hundred illustrations which reflect various periods and activities, and there will be several appendices, one of which will list all known Whitnik names

I am sure you all remember that "Subscription" copies cost 100 each (some have ordered several copies) and normal copies 35 each. The names of subscribers will be listed in the book so that they will be honoured by Posterity !! Please make drafts or cheques payable to The Whittingehame Book Club Account and send to our Treasurer Raphael (Fule) Attar at 15 Herbert Crescent, Knightsbridge London SW1 X OHB

THANK YOU for ordering your subscription copy /copies

Fule is trying to solve a mystery As far back as October 1997 some Whitnik transferred money through the Discount Bank, Geneva. Was it you? Somebody suggested that hundreds of people from all over the world will admit responsibility for this error, but will probably point out that it was meant only as a loan, and should now be returned, (with moderate interest),



The last Eilat Re-union, three years ago, was a resounding success, and the excellence of the facilities at the Princess Hotel needs no further emphasis, You will see from the enclosed information that all prices have been held to the 1996 level, and we expect attendance, as we approach the year 2000, to be millennial, I am sure there will be immediate family discussions followed by urgent form-filling,. We will have a wonderful time, as occurred in 1996. Those present on that occasion will remember that all sorts of projects were undertaken Leslie Brown got to Petra, but made up for that by being within metres of the latest Chamonix avalanches, He will probably be glad of Princess comforts in October.

MATTERS ARISING from the last news-letter:

(a) I declared that the Glynne Brothers were the winners in the ENDURANCE STAKES. But I gave the wrong dates, and must make an important correction, In fact Martin arrived at Surrenden Road in 1946, to be followed by Anthony and then Maurice (Mo) who survived until 1965 !! WHEW!!

(b) I pointed out that a number of Whitniks who had declared their intention to attend the Cumberland Re-union were prevented from keeping their promises, thereby depriving the Club of a total of 1000. Various excuses reasons were given but not believed. However I am glad to be able to tell you that Robert Brande (1956-63), who was not one of the miscreants, sent us a cheque to make up the deficit, so Fule is a happier man. His happiness would be further increased if the good example of Robert were followed

WEB - SITES Louis Mandel is getting plenty of calls to his picture gallery, and many of those with the necessary equipment tell me it's very very interesting and will undoubtedly continue and expand. if you have photographs (especially of the pre-1960 period) please get in touch with him by e-mail; his address is in the Directory, Or consult the FAQ page on his website. The address is:

We will have to consider how this wonderful venture is to be financed. For the time being Louis is meeting the costs, so he deserves thanks as well as congratulations, I can take this chance to remind you of the address of Poldi Kuia's "notice-board" site, which is


DIRECTORY AMENDMENTS (please note: details have been withheld on the website)

Sydney BERCOTT (33-36) (Accidentally omitted from 98 Directory - Many apologies)
Malcolm de WINTER (ne FURMAN)(46-48) E-mail (dental surgeon)
Maufice FRANCIS (51-54)
Charles GOODMAN (35-37)
Dr Hurnberto KIELMANOWICZ (Humby) (67) home
Stephen F LEVY (59-61)
W. WISZNIA (38-40)

Please note that all MILAN telephone numbers now require 02 not merely 2
Abraham AZAGURY business title change to Uniserve Consulting all the rest unchanged
Morris COHEN (Canada) His e-mail is vaxxine not vaccine. He is much better after major surgery
Stanley and Robert COHEN new bus address. Robert has also moved house
Etaine GOLDMAN (nee Maxwelf)
Ramy GOLDSTEIN Office new Tel
David GREEN e-mail
Jimmy GRINBERG e-mail
Benny HAJIBAI change home
Leopold KULA fax is 972 (0)3 534 5522
Jack LEVENE change home
Yuval LEVY E-mail
Winston SENIOR has moved
Albert.SHAYO has moved. Tel etc unchanged
Sasha TESLER Pricess Hotel Eilat Fax 972 7 637 6333
Joseph YADEGAR has moved

for Claude Benveniste, Freed, Koronaldi, Raphael Levy, Lucca, Lionel Morris, Nemes, Tillinger and Lubelski (who was present at the 1998 London re-union)




"Jake’s Legacy"
A History of Whittingehame College
By Eric Shanes

Eric Shanes has now completed the main part of the book, which is about 60,000 words in length. However, he is still seeking contributions from you.

At the end of the main text, which is devoted to the academic social and cultural life of the school and its main participants, there is a lengthy, informal section entitled " I remember ……." This is devoted solely to recollections of life at Whittingehame College by its Staff, Old Boys and (a few) Old Girls. Although this section is already substantial, Eric Shanes would dearly like to include many more anecdotes from ex-Whittingehamians. These can be stories of any kind: treasured memories of Jake or other members of staff, student pranks, memories of life in Hove, Brighton, Dan-y-Allt, Edwinsford or Handcross, or even complaints about some aspects of the school. Please get off your bottoms and either jot something down on a piece of paper or phone Eric Shanes in order to boost this section of the book further.

Eric Shanes can be contacted at 7 Cumberland Road, Acton, London W3 6EX.
His Fax number is 44 (0) 181 993 0406
His Phone number is 44 (0) 181 992 7985


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