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The Whittingehame website is operated and funded by Louis Mandel and the Sponsors listed.  The site contains many personal photos and school publications to be shared by Whittingehamians, their family and friends. It is hoped that the Sponsors will sustain the website. Only Whittingehame Club members are being solicited.  This website does not solicit advertisers. We propose two levels of sponsorship:

Corporate Sponsor
Contribution US $ 100. A business card linked to your website, company or business, or a link to a message you wish to display. Please supply graphic files where appropriate.   Or, just send me a business card and I'll post that.  Please note also that traffic or "hits information will NOT be supplied.

Personal Sponsor
Contribution US $ 50.  A generic business card.   A personal message of your choice will be displayed.

Method of payment
Preferred method of payment is by bank draft or money order.   Sorry, but I do not have facilities to process credit cards.  
Please contact me for further details:

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Thank you for your contribution
Louis Mandel

December 23, 2010

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