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September 30th, 2003

Whitniks will be sad to hear of the death of Barry Roach on Tuesday Sept30th at 9.05 GMT .  He joined us in 1948, and from the beginning inspired by his dramatic productions, in which hundreds of Whitniks took part. He went to the Royal Sussex Hospital last Thursday complaining of stomach pains, and was taken seriously ill, having suffered a stroke. Zev Solomon went to the hospital yesterday but Barry was unconscious, and I was informed this a.m. that he had died.  He had only one relative - the daughter of a deceased cousin, who has not yet been found. Whitniks who would like more information are asked to phone Eldon on 01267 234347, mobile 07785991371 or email  Ella and I will go to Brighton at the end of this week but the mobile works there.

September 2nd, 2003


We are holding a meeting in London on September 7th to consider the London re-union in June 2004. I will be asked how many have told me they intend being with us on June 19th or 26th. SO pl let me know. ARE YOU

a) positive,
b) probable,
c) possible
d) very unlikely ?
Ella and I are going to Brighton on Sept 3rd., so replies by Sept 1st please. Any after that to Mike Howard:
Shalom ELDON

Put me on detention. Give me lines. Gate me. Fine me. Expel me I was looking at 2003 calendar.   Correct Sunday dates for 2004 are June 20th & 27th. Lots of answers received - please if you haven't had time yet DONOT FORGET
All the best

August 17th, 2003

Can you be with us at the Cassit Restaurant, 225 Golders Green Rd at 12.00 for 1.00 pm on Sunday September 7th?  Tell everybody else, please. We need to discuss arrangements for the London re-union in June 2004 RSVP Eldon

June 11th 2003

We have had enough replies to our emails to know that the general opinion is in favour of a Spring Re-union in London. It is our hope that the mood among Whitniks in particular and the world in general will be such that it will be a whooping success, and that London will resound to the delighted greetings of old friends. As soon as we know dates etc we will let you know them.

Our Treasurer, Fule Attar, is moving to Paris, so the pro tem Treasurer is now Mike Howard. We are very grateful to Fule for his sterling work keeping our finances in good shape, and wish him every happiness in his new home. In the meantime - you must all keep well, and in touch.  Eldon

March 30th 2003

This is a brief message, with all good wishes. It is very unlikely that we will sign contracts for a re-union at the end of June. But we will keep you informed.  Shalom Eldon

March 3rd 2003

It is with extreme regret that we report the deaths of two loved and respected members of the academic staff at Whittingehame Eli Mukammal taught senior mathematicians in the fifties, having entered the teaching profession after an earlier brilliant career as a meteorologist.  For several years  he had been the senior civilian meteorologist for the RAF in Iraq, but had to change his career because of political problems which need not be explained now. However meteorology's loss was our gain, for he turned out to be a really brilliant teacher, and he had wonderful success, as many Whitniks will remember with real gratitude. However his real delight remained meteorology, and when the opportunity arose his former career seized him back, to become a distinguished practitioner in that field, working for universities and the United Nations in Africa and Canada. His qualities and dedication were recognized by many award-granting bodies, which his modesty prevented his talking about - though he could well have done so. He remained in touch with Ella and me, and we spent some time together here and in Israel, as well as in Portugal and Canada. We will miss him,
and send our sincere sympathy to Margaret . 

We will also miss Huw (Hubert) Williams who taught senior chemists in our last years at Surrenden Road and Handcross. Strange to say, he too had achieved success in non-teaching fields before joining us, but he loved his class-room and laboratory work and spared no effort to ensure that his pupils looked on their studies in the same way. We rarely come across teachers as conscientious as Huw, and the final crop of chemists at Whittingehame can all attest to his skill and devotion. Unfortunately his last years were spent in considerable suffering from several awful illnesses, but his wife Doris nursed him with her usual extreme love and kindness. He died a few days ago, and his death was in some ways a very merciful relief. We send her our sincere sympathy, and remind her of our affection for Huw and our gratitude for his service.

February 7th 2003

We are very sorry to inform you of the death of Lawrence GRANT (1956-60) who died on January 4th 2003 just before his 60th birthday. He belonged to the remarkable group who were examinees in 1960, and was expected to do well - those who want to know the details of his very successful legal career can read his obituary notice in The Guardian of January 10th, whish also carries a typical picture. He was a most amusing pupil, and did a lot for "Vox Populi" and in the inter-house festivals and many other activities. As the Guardian says, "Larry will be fondly remembered as an inspirational teacher, lawyer, judge and companion" and we can add "as a school friend held in the highest esteem"
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January 27th 2003

  We would like congratulate Dan Gillerman on his new appointment as Israel's permanent ambassador to the UN and wish him and his family all the best.  Dan attended Whittingehame between 1960-63 and was Head Boy.
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January 26th 2003

  Professor Jack Beatson of Cambridge has been appointed a Justice of the High Court and will take up his duties in April. We send him our congratulations and wish him and his family the best of health.
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